Making pizza is an ancient art!

Hight Quality Flour

The flour needs be high percentage of gluten and protein. Is most important for a true pizza.

Best Tomatoes

Should be of high quality, usually a San Marzano style grown in Southern Italy.

Fresh Mozzarella

The cheese must be a fresh cheese with high percentage of water, not a dry, already shredded mozzarella!

Olive Oil

This ingredient is very important to give the pizza flavor.  The olive oil should be cold pressed. 100% extra virgin.

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The pies have only gotten better. The crust is more airy, delicate and less filling because Dino Santonicola, an Italian borne pizza pro increased hydration and the temperature at which he ferments the dough.

Dino is a true Neapolitan Pizzaiolo.”

Jay Jerrier – Owner Cane Rosso