About Me – Dino Santonicola Master Pizzaiolo


I was born and raised in the Spanish Quarter- the heart and soul of Naples Italy. I was thirteen years old when I started working at a pizzeria down the street from my house. I  Since my start as a pizziaolo, I have worked in many pizzerias in Naples, including the renowned Fiorenzano Pizzeria and Brandi Pizzeria. I wanted to be a Master Pizzaiolo.  In 2004 I left Italy and moved to Seattle Washington in the United States to start and establish Via Tribunali Pizzeria. Since leaving Via Tribunali in 2008, I have helped design and establish the pizza kitchens at Ristorante Picolinos and Mamma Melina Ristorante.

I am a Master Pizzaiolo, with much experience.

In October 2010 I moved to Washington DC area, to help the design and the establishment of Pizzeria da Marco.

Today I am the executive chef and master pizzaiolo of Cane Rosso,Dallas, Texas.

Dino getting certified as Verace Pizzaiolo Napoletano
(True Neapolitan pizzamaker) from the AVPN delegations.

Dino Santonicola, Salvatore “Zazzà” Campanile and Stefano Ferrara – Las Vegas Pizza Expò 2011

Photos with Armandino Batali

Photo with Dean Fearing

Dino Santonicola e Stefano Ferrara at Las Vegas Pizza Expó 2012

Dino Santonicola and Chef Antonio Esposito