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Services Offered

I offer one of the best pizzeria consulting services for starting your pizzeria.
My many years of experience have allowed me to refine and improve the techniques and specifications for the construction of a pizzeria based on neapolitan style pizza. Knowledge of pizza oven temperatures, specific materials to use and the position of the pizza oven are all important factors for obtaining a good work environment and quality product. I can help with the design and set up of the whole operation, finalizing with a training of the entire kitchen staff.

Restaurant Consultation – Pizzeria Consulting – Pizza Consulting:

✓ Design pizza station
✓ Purchase appropriate equipment and tools
✓ Station and equipment setup
✓ Menu creation and design
✓ Employee training
✓ Preparation for VPN inspection and certification

Individual Classes:

Single and group classes available covering all aspects of Neapolitan pizza including proper dough preparation and stretching and authentic cooking techniques.

The classes is based on 3 steps:

  • Theory;
  • Practice;
  • Overwiev.

For information about my services, Pizzeria Consulting or Individual Classes,  you can: